01 November 2005

Can't Make Everyone Happy

I applaud president Bush's new choice for Supreme Court nominee. Alito is just about everything that Miers was not: we know a lot about him, and he is not as hazy on numerous issues. In fact, YAHOO! news mentions:

"Conservatives are much more comfortable with Alito than they were with Miers because of his conservative track record as a federal judge, prosecutor and a Reagan administration lawyer."

I have always believed that when a politician attempts to make groups who hold opposite positions happy, he will ultimately fail will not make anyone happy. So kudo's to Bush for picking someone that his conservative base will support. The GOP still has enough power to overcome the Democrats in a battle over a nominee. However, the GOP does not have the power to overcome both the Democrats and their own constituents.

26 October 2005

Photoshop Happy USAToday

Did the software happy employee who performed the alterations on a picture of of SecState Rice (seen on the right) actually believe he (or she) could get away with it? Allegedly the Photoshopper treated Rice's eyes to an editing session, making them appear whiter and more sinister than they appear in the actual photo. With the amazingly small amount of time that it took to discover Rathergate forgeries, did the Photoshopper actually believe that the alterations would go unnoticed?

From The Pen
has more details on the utter absurdity of this alteration.

The Beginning...

This is the first post of which will hopefully be many to come. As can be seen in the description this page will be an analysis of current happenings from the eyes of an up and coming political analyst.